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Pertandingan Akhir Debat Antarabangsa UTHM Bahasa Cina kali ke-3

Pertandingan Akhir Debat Antarabangsa UTHM Bahasa Cina kali ke-3

Tarikh : 29 September 2013 (Ahad)
Masa : 8.00 pagi ~ 5.00 ptg
Tempat : Dewan Tunku Ismail Ibrahim

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International Chinese Debate Competition 2013

The 3rd University Tun Hussein Onn International Chinese Debate Competition which was organized by the Chinese Debate Club of UTHM was held on September 2013. A total of 25 universities and colleges were taking part in this grand international debate competition which historically involved of participant from a few universities from Australia and Singapore for the first time ever. The 25 participants included,  University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) as the host, University Malaya (UM), University Sains Malaysia (USM), University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), University Putra Malaysia (UPM), University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), University Utara Malaysia (UUM), University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), University Teknikal Melaka (UTeM), University Malaysia Pahang (UMP), University College Sedaya International (UCSI), New Era College, University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), University Teknologi Petronas (UTP), International Medical University (IMU), University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), INTI International University, HELP University, One World Hanxing College of Journalism and Communication (Hanxing College), Southern University College, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, National University of Singapore (NUS), The University of Melbourne, Australia, The University of Sydney, Australia, and Australian National University (ANU).
       The competition was carried out since 21 September which began with the qualification match and came to the final match on 29 September. After  some ‘sweet and sour’ controversy between all the participants, UM and New Era College emerged at the final stage to fight for  the champion throne with their outstanding debate skills. It cannot be denied that the UM chinese debate team, which was the former world chinese debate competition champion is one of the main attraction of the audience. During the final round competition, there were around 400 audiences which attended the final competition on 29 September with the expectation of watching a remarkable and exciting debates between the two brilliant debate experts teams. 7 experienced senior judges on that day who came from different sector of profession of society had formed a brilliant and strong line-up of judgment team to ensure that the result of the final competiton was fair and professional. Among all of the famous judges were Liang Zhi Zhong, An Huan Lan, Teng Tian Lee, Wu Zhen Dao, Foo Kai Jie, Zhang Meng Chong and Koh Wee Sun.
       The final debate competition began at 2pm sharply with the arrival of the honorable judges along with the singing of the National Anthem. The ceremony opened with some slight briefing from the president of Chinese Debate Club UTHM. After some welcoming speeches, certain rules and regulations for the participants and the audiences had been announced to ensure that the competition can be carried out successfully and smoothly without any distraction. The most important minutiae of the competition arrived with the announcement of the title for each debate team by the monitor of the debate competition. UM debate team was the proposition team while the New Era college debate team was the opposition team. Their debate titles were “pluralism is more beneficial than polarization towards the development of international situation” and “polarization is more beneficial than pluralism towards the development of international situation” respectively. The chinese debate contest started right after a brief introduction of the debaters for each debate teams.
       The final debate competition was occupied 34 minutes overall, which was according to the international standard rules. For the first section of the match, the first debater from each proposition and opposition team were given 2 minutes to deliver their speeches and opinion accordingly with the given title. Both of the debaters were performing well as they were able to deliver a lot of constructive and important point view of their stands. Next is the second section where the second and third debaters were given 2 minutes each to deliver their speeches and to attack on their opponent’s stand with some forceful and convincing arguments. The match was became more and more interesting at this section of the match as the debaters opposed each other’s stand brilliantly. After that, the first debater from each team were to show their skill on debate techniques in the following section where they were given 2 minutes each to make a clear conclusion about their attacking speeches.
       Responds of audiences were becoming more and more enthusiastically during the free debate section as each debate teams were given 5 minutes to debate freely regardless of their position and sequences. In this section, both teams were showing their professional brainstorming skills as they should be able to react quickly and oppose their opponent’s stand accurately. And of all the parts of the match, this free debate part was the most interesting and exciting part as the skillful debaters from each team will tried to knocked out the other team with some strong points and this give much impression to the judges to judged their debate skills. For the last part of the debate competition, 4th debater from each team were given 3 minutes each to make a final address as to conclude their overall opinions. The debate competition ended after a 34 minutes excited and brilliant performance from both debate experts. After a conclusion speech from monitor of competition, judges were given some times to make their final decision of their votes.
       The result was divided into three parts, the first one was the impression votes and the second one was the mark votes and the last one was the final votes. In the impression votes, UM debate team scores a higher vote than the other debate team with votes of 4 out of 7 votes. During this impression votes section, the judges had made some briefing and opinion on each debate team. UM debate team gave good impression to the judges due to their strong point and debate skill that almost knocked out their opponent. On behalf to that, they also got a higher mark votes due to their professional debate skills. UM debate team had received 5 out of 7 votes in the mark votes. Lastly, the final votes which was based on their overall performance. It cannot be denied that the UM debate team would surely got more votes than the New Era debate team, and UM debate team got 4 out of 7 votes. The total votes obtained by UM debate team was 13 votes which emerged as champion. They had received a cheque worth RM2000 with a championship trophy. Not to be forgotten, every debate competition must have a best debater of the day and best debater overall. The 3rd debater of the New Era debate team which was a girl had archived the title of the best debater of the day along with the title of the best debater overall due to her outstanding debate skills. She had received a cheque worth RM400 and a trophy.

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